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Foley Landscaping Services - 'Revamp and Repair'

Foley’s can offer a wide range of Garden services from just the simple catch up work that’s get your Garden right again. From pruning and a total clear out job, that will include the removal of all cutting’s from site to be recycled, right up to a total Revamp of your entire outside space. Something as simple as the laying of a patio can transform the way you use and enjoy your Garden. So this year, hold the dream that the summer might be a good one, and plan your Garden now. Foley’s can certainly help with that planning.

Foley’s can provide you with a service that will repair that flooded or damaged Lawn. Remove storm debris or that fallen tree. Lift and re-lay those sunken curbs, or that sunken patio or path. Even if it’s just to get that vegetable patch rotivated and ready for planting. Foley’s know the needs of the Gardener and are there to provide the service that you need whatever time of the year we may be in.

Begin your Gardens transformation today. Contact Foley’s for a FREE consultation and Quotation.

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